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The Last Sadness

Stickman Bleeding's new album, "The Last Sadness"
is about one man's journey
from Shadow into Light,
from Depression into Joy,
and how a wonderful plant saved him from himself.

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"Florida based prog rocker Brett Lloyd aka Stickman Bleeding is back. Serving up a new cd of tunes that cover the spectrum of flavors from the deep southern-style bluesy rock to the avant-garde-style prog rock ala Todd Rungren. Rockhard Distributors is both fortunate and lucky to have the genius of Brett on board.

 This CD "Heroes", will take the listener on a euphoric journey with hooks and cadences that your "brain radio" will never stop it today and hear the virtuosity of the multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Brett Lloyd.
"Heroes" is a must buy for any avid Rockhard listener or collector. "

-Rockhard Distributors